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Town Point Yacht Club is not your ordinary Yacht Club. A large proportion of our members don't own boats. And there is no clubhouse. What Town Point Yacht Club does have is dedicated members with a keen interest in boating, the waterways, the environment and the rich maritime heritage of Norfolk and the entire Hampton Roads area. Basically, we are a volunteer service organization with boating interests. Our philosophy is to promote these interests through education, sponsorship, ambassadorship, preservation and entertainment.

It's not surprising that we're unique. The club was founded in 1991 by Captain Lane Briggs, owner of the Rebel Marina (Norfolk, VA), and one of the most connected and colorful maritime visionaries on the East Coast. And, as one of the early organizers of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race, he recognized the need for an organization to co-sponsor the event and provide hospitality to visiting tall ships. Captain Briggs loved Hampton Roads and promoted the region tirelessly everywhere he viscid. He wanted others to see its beauty and take advantage of its attributes.

Today, we continue to support Captain Briggs" philosophy with the projects we embrace… projects such as the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race, The Elizabeth River Project, The Schooner Virginia, and Old Dominion Sailing Team. We also seek out and support other projects deemed important to Hampton Roads.

In addition, in keeping with Captain Briggs "fun" personality, TPYC members can be seen around town - individually or as a group - visiting marinas, enjoying a dinner or a "spot of tea"; hosting raft ups; or supporting fundraising efforts or other organizations.

In addition we hold monthly membership meetings - everyone invited.

And let's not forget that our members still visit Tall Ships entering Hampton Roads with a welcome breakfast and perhaps an invitation to attend an evening of sea shanties around town.

The members of Town Point Yacht Club dedicate this website to Captain Lane Briggs, Rebel Marina.

Upcoming Events

Town Point Yacht Club meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month at Mo & O'Malley's, Granby Street, Norfolk, Virginia beginning at 5:30pm. Light snacks are served. Everyone invited.

12/14/2010 Next Board Meeting. At Rebel Marina, 6.00pm.

12/21/2010 Christmas Party at Mo and O'Malley's, 5.30pm.  Holiday attire, Holiday Spread.  No formal meeting!  Please be aware that we have moved this meeting up a week, too!

Interested In Joining?